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Services Provided

Grief and loss are a part of our lives. It is an emotional pain that goes beyond anything you can imagine.  I am available to guide you through this difficult time.  I have a standard order of the service from which we will develop a specific tribute that includes meaningful recollections of days gone by. 

Meeting with you, your family, and the loved ones of the departed to discuss your vision of what the Ceremony should consist of and what you may know of your loved One's desires and beliefs.

Interviewing individuals to learn of personal stories and information that may be included in the Ceremony.

Personalization:  Assisting you in choosing from readings, music, rituals, and funeral customs from your desired traditions that reflect the beliefs and values of your loved one.

Composing  the complete Ceremony

Working with other service providers you have chosen to ensure the Ceremony is what you desire it to be.

On-going communications with you by phone, email, and in person until the Ceremony created meets with your satisfaction.

Officiating at the Funeral service we have co-created in honor of your Loved One.

Providing grave-side service after the Funeral Ceremony if desired.

Presenting the family with a typed and bound keepsake copy of the Ceremony within one week of the service.

Generally a Funeral Service must be planned in less than 72 hours (3 days) and a Celebrant planned Ceremony consists of a minimum of 20 hours of interviews, research, and writing.  Please contact the Celebrant as quickly as possible during your time of need to ensure availability and enough time for planning.  For a memorial service there may be more time between the actual death of your Loved One and the scheduled service, however, it is still important that you contact the Celebrant as soon as you know of your need for the memorial.